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  • 4 Requirements Needed to Enter the Philippines 2024 - Extended etravel Guide


    What are the core requirements (ones that are unlikely to change) when travelling to the Philippines in 2024? Plus, what's etravel and how do you register?

    4 Requirements Needed to Enter the Philippines 
  • 7 Must-Do Things in Bohol


    While there’s a huge list of things to see and do in Bohol and its surrounding small islands, we’ll cover 7 activities and sights that we feel are must-dos for tourists who are perhaps new to Bohol and (as is the nature of travelling) limited on time.

    7 Must-Do Things in Bohol 
  • Beautiful Boracay - Top Things to Do on the Island Resort


    As the saying goes: good things come in small packages, and the island of Boracay is definitely no exception. With its pristine white sand, crystal clear water, host of restaurants and lively nightlife, Boracay packs a lot into its slim borders - all without feeling too bloated.

    Beautiful Boracay Blog 
  • The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Travel Luggage

    This guide will teach any kind of traveller how to organise luggage to maximise use of space, reduce the amount of weight to carry, keep precious items and documents safe and handy at all times, plus, keep your mind free to focus on your adventures.

    The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Travel Luggage 
  • The Ultimate Weekend Getaway in Luzon - San Juan, La Union


    Looking for the ultimate weekend getaway? And by “ultimate”, we mean a destination that covers everything you need to escape the daily grind without quitting your job, recharges your depleted batteries, indulges your passions and goes easy on the budget…syempre. San Juan in the province of La Union has you covered...

    San Juan, La Union Blog 
  • Breathtaking Banaue - The Best Way to See the Famous Rice Terraces


    Breathtaking Banaue! A destination that is on everyone’s travel wish list, Filipino and foreigner alike. It's simply a must see before time renders the retinas incapable of doing just that.

    Breathtaking Banaue Blog 
  • Sa-Ganda ng Sagada! Where to Stay, Chill and Eat in Scenic Sagada


    Sagada Need to escape the city? Come up where the air is clean and the air-conditioning unnecessary. Where to stay, where to eat, what to do...

    Sagada Blog 
  • The Dolomite Beach Issue - Before and After the Clean-Up (2022 Update)

    Before and After. The most in depth information on the internet - the Manila Bay clean-up, Dolomite Beach, why everyone is talking, plus how you can see it.

    The Dolomite Beach Issue Blog 
  • Best Ways To Beat Jet Lag


    Finally, after a day and a night travelling plus basically zero sleep, you reach your destination. But the actual enjoyment will have to wait - the need for sleep is overwhelming and it’s only 9am local time. There's got to be a better way...

    Best Ways To Beat Jet Lag Blog 
  • Thai Food

    French Is So Passe - Why Thai Cuisine Is The Best On The Planet


    If you consider yourself a food lover with a palate the same sophistication level as a professional food critic, Thailand is the place for you. These dishes are must-tries...

    Thai Cuisine Blog 
  • Whalesharks

    Oslob - Having a Whale Shark of a Time in Human Infested Waters


    It’s one of the must-do activities while in the Philippines. Catering to both ends of the adventure spectrum – but is it a problem?

    Oslob Blog 
  • Moalboal Deep Dive - Canyoneering, Snorkelling, Waterfalls and More


    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

    Moalboal Blog 
  • Reunited! Travelling During the Pandemic – Seeing Each Other for the First Time in Almost Two Years (Thank You Thailand)

    In March 2020, we didn’t know that we would not see each other again in person for one year and 9 months. How did we reunite with borders still closed to tourists?

    Travelling During the Pandemic Blog 
  • The Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal


    Is there something to capturing your journeys through words that a quick pic captured by a machine cannot replicate? Here’s a few benefits that keeping a travel journal (or any journal) can bring, and once you start, it will be as important to keep up to date as your Instagram.

    The Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal Blog 
  • Live the Island Life on Cloud 9 - Things to Do in Siargao


    Don’t forget the lifestyle you promised yourself. If you haven’t already, promise yourself to visit Siargao Island. Accommodation, food and bar recommendations...

    Siargao Blog 
  • The Best Bars In Bang Tao


    During the holidays, we were lucky enough to be in Phuket, the largest and most popular island in Thailand. Having lived through the time of our lives and survived to leave the written legacy, let us share what made our Phuket adventure so memorable and how you can have the same experience.

    The Best Bars In Bang Tao Blog 
  • Pasko, Phuket and Pups - Christmas on the Beach with Our Thai family (And Why Are Tourists So Obsessed with this Island?)


    We went to Phuket simply because it’s one of the most popular destinations in the entire country and we were yet to see it for ourselves. It’s the thing to do in Thailand, right? Turns out, it was a life changing experience.

    Phuket Blog 
  • The Best Anniversary Gift for Travellers and Animal Lovers


    An honest review of Elephants World, located in Kanchanaburi, northern Thailand.

    Elephants World Blog 
  • How to End War by Travelling


    Is it possible to end complicated conflicts, even those involving global leaders, by indulging in an activity that is, more often than not, thought of as frivolous and superficial? How is it possible to end all wars simply by travelling?

    How to End War by Travelling Blog 
  • A Guide to Buying Luggage

    A comprehensive guide to buying the best luggage. Learn about all the different types of luggage and how to decide which is best for your specific needs. The only thing you need to read.

    Guide to Buying Luggage Blog 
  • What Does Travel Teach Us?


    When we travel something wonderful takes place. I’m not just talking about the transformation of our Instagram accounts. I’m talking about the inner transformation that happens as a result of venturing out of our comfort zones and into the unknown...

    What Does Travel teach Us Blog 
  • Best and Cheapest Travel insurance That Covers COVID-19 Requirements


    There are many insurance companies out there, how do you know which one will cover the specific needs of your destination? To save you time and a COVID induced headache, we’ve compiled a short list of the most comprehensive and established online travel insurance companies.

    Travel Insurance Blog 
  • Simple Acts of Kindness Can Travel - Camotes Islands, The Lost Horizon of the South

    How far can a small gesture travel? This simple act of kindness is about: The time I gave some small change to a pair of school kids from a small, island village and made their day.

    Camotes Islands, The Lost Horizon of the South Blog 
  • Top 5 Travel Books You Need to Read


    Our list of the top 5 travel books that every veteran, freshly initiated or wannabe traveller, needs to read. From how-to guide, biographical, philosophical and inspirational reads, there's something here for all travellers.

    Top 5 Travel Books You Need to Read Blog 
  • Map of the route

    London to Sydney in a Hatchback - Blog Series


    22 Countries, 7 Seas, 3 Continents, 36,000 km, One Hatchback. This blog series is based on "The Expedition" - a self drive adventure in a Peugeot 206, 2001 model hatchback from London to Sydney. It was completed solo by a woman. Peugeot now lives in Sydney. She still drives to work each day.

    London to Sydney in a Hatchback blog 
  • Can You Cross the Planet Overland?


    Is it possible to drive all the way from London to a hatchback?

    Crossing the Planet Overland blog 
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