Best and Cheapest International Travel Insurance that Covers COVID 19 Requirements 2022

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There are many insurance companies out there and most have had to adapt to cover COVID 19. But, how do you know which one will cover the specific needs of your destination (as they all vary)?

The last thing you need to discover at the airport is that you’ve chosen the wrong one. This can cause great emotional and financial distress, especially if you’re denied boarding. To save you time and a COVID induced headache, we’ve compiled a short list of the most comprehensive and established online international travel insurance companies.  


Before you randomly select any kind of travel insurance and run off into the sun with it, you have some homework to do. Firstly, you need to check the travel alerts, advice and restrictions of your destination. This is crucial because it will help determine which insurance policy covers your COVID Times travel needs, helping you to avoid missing your flight (and of course cover medical expenses should you need that assistance). Use the list below as a guide.

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Check list:

  • Does your policy cover you for the advice level of the countries you’re traveling to? Many destinations are currently under advice level three – ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ – and not all travel insurers cover it.

  • Does your destination require proof that you’re insured for COVID-19 related medical expenses? For example, Singapore requires minimum coverage of SGD $30,000.

  • Are you covered for the full duration of your trip? Can you extend your cover if you’re overseas for longer than planned due to a cancelled flight?

  • Are stopovers on the way to your destination covered? Is there a restriction on the amount of time you can be at the stopover location? What happens if you remain stuck for an extended period?

  • Are you covered if you can’t travel or your stay gets extended because you or your travelling companion tests positive to COVID-19? What if you have to go into isolation because you’re a close contact of someone who tested positive?

  • If you’re planning to go on a cruise, be extra careful. Some travel insurers may not offer COVID-19 cover for multi-night cruises.

  • Are you covered for claims caused by government travel bans, border closures, or mandatory quarantine/self-isolation requirements at your destination?


Now, to the bit you clicked for. We’ve selected five insurers based on these key criteria:

- Includes COVID-19 coverage

- Price (all are around US $30 - US $50 for 21 days coverage)

- Customisable length (not blocks of time that you don’t need)

- Non-region specific (you can be residing in any country to sign up)    

Travel Insurance Providers for 2022:

  1. Safety Wing

    Safety Wing has a team that is based worldwide and you can purchase travel insurance for the specific time you need from them online. As they indicate on their website, Safety Wing’s products were specifically designed to support “nomads” or travellers just wanting to go overseas for a much-needed break. Safety Wing was used by us and thus can be personally vouched for. Their bird avatars are awesome too.  

  2. World Nomads

    Easy to navigate, just select the country that you are currently residing in from the dropdown menu and go from there. The insurance coverage adapts accordingly depending on the country selected. There’s also phone numbers provided for 24/7 assistance. As a bonus, the site is very comprehensive with handy blogs containing tips and tricks for travellers. Worth checking out.

  1. World Trips

    World Trips is a US based company however, it allows you to select your own country of residence when purchasing travel insurance. The site isn’t as interesting as the two above but your destination country definitely won’t ask you about that when checking your travel insurance.  

  1. Seven Corners

    Best for US residents. Offers a range of travel insurance products including travel for students and annual multi-trip plans.

  1. Insure and Go (Australia, UK and Ireland)

    Best for Australian, UK and Irish residents. Easy to navigate site covering travel insurance for flights as well as cruises. You can tailor a one-off insurance plan to suit your upcoming trip or select an annual multi-trip option. There’s also a travel blog section for inspiration and tips, should the travel insurance be the only thing you’ve planned so far.   

From Team Project Goals, happy travels. May your results always be negative and your travels positive!

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