Life is a gift. Live it well.

Who Are We?

We're China and Sarah. We love to travel, eat, explore, discover, create and help others.

I'm from Australia and China is from the Philippines. We met through the interwebs while I was living in London and China in Pampanga. Before becoming travel (and life) partners, we'd both travelled extensively solo.


  • Travelled to 42 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines

  • Travelled to and worked in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Road tripped around Australia 


  • Travelled throughout Europe and parts of Asia

  • Road tripped around Australia and New Zealand

  • Drove a Peugeot 206 from London to Sydney, passing through 22 countries including Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and China  

So, we know first hand the transformative power of both the internet and travel. Our purpose is to use this power for good, to help facilitate positive transformation on a local and global scale.   

Why This Website?

Our mission is to inspire, inform and entertain fellow travellers, communities, businesses and individuals through our blogs, videos and artwork.

Project Goals is a place where community minded adventurers from all over the world can gather and participate in all things travel, self improvement and giving – from must see destinations, things learned along the way, useful tips, best value gear, travel stories and community projects. Through our travels and our work, we hope to always be a reminder to be kind, follow what ignites a spark within, never be afraid to jump into the unknown and to love the planet we walk on.  

It is also a place where anyone from any walk of life with any interest can find the inspiration to make great strides, both individually and within the local and global communities. We want you to set your sights on something bigger than yourself. We want you to make grand goals and to reach them. We want you to improve the lives of those around you by living your best life.

Project Goals also creates organised events, providing opportunities for everyone to make a positive impact on their local and global communities through participation. Our events are all inclusive - any race, religion, gender and sexual preference is not just welcome, it is required! It is only by the coming together of all of us that we can hope to make a positive impact on our planet, one local act at a time. 

The Art of Travel

We know how much the travel community enjoys a good collection – souvenirs keep the memories alive! In the spirit of our ethos to follow what ignites a spark within, China has designed a number of completely unique images to collect in order to celebrate her homeland, the Philippines. You can check them out in our catalogue. More will be added on a regular basis or feel free to let us know which destination you'd like to have designed. 

Don't forget, you can drop us a line anytime or just check us out on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Let’s inspire each other!

Much love,

Team Project Goals.