Live the Island Life on Cloud 9 - Things to Do in Siargao

Siargao Island


Photo by: China D

Don’t forget the lifestyle you promised yourself. If you haven’t already, promise yourself to visit Siargao Island. 

Siargao is certainly the place to live out your lifestyle dreams while remaining firmly grounded in easy-going simplicity. It’s an island of contrasting lifestyles that merge together to form one unique, unforgettable experience that will keep drawing you back time and again.

Photo by: China D


Here you will find beachside luxury accommodation and dining, as well as budget friendly (and no less incredible) options, all coming with that cool island vibe that is distinctly Siargao for no extra cost!

If you want to experience the luxury of gently waking to the sound of lapping waves, walking just a few metres from your room to hit the beach and enjoying the fruits of nature for breakfast in world class accommodation, Siargao will give that to you.

Photo by: China D

If easy-going simplicity is more your vibe, then you’ll love hiring a scooter for a mere 500 pesos a day without the worry of providing proof of a licence, cruising along the coconut tree lined roads, diving into the crystal blue waters of the Philippine Sea, surfing the famous Cloud 9 wave, then chilling with locals and fellow travellers in one of the laidback bars with a San Mig in hand. As you sip your serbesa, more than likely you’ll be feeling the beat of Siargao’s own home grown reggae masters - Dagsa. After a couple more serbesas it’s even more likely that you’ll be beating the bongo drums yourself – Dagsa do love audience participation and often send out the invite to join them in a jam!

Photo by: China D 

If your budget has been broken by the night before, you’ll have no trouble finding a carinderia tucked away from the main roads to fill your stomach for next to nothing. If you’re looking for something more Western, Sairgao is definitely equipped with cafes and restaurants catering for tourists and locals craving smoothies, muesli bowls or burgers.   

Photo by: China D

No matter your style, taste or mood, Siargao has something for everyone wanting to experience an island getaway.


Photo by: China D

Flights go direct to Siargao from Clark International Airport.


Project Goals recommends:

 Accommodation:               Surfing Carabao Beach House

 Food:                                  Shaka Café (Western cuisine)

                                            Cosmic (vegetarian/vegan)
                                            Kermit Surf Resort

 Party:                                  Bravo

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Lovely to meet you guys at the juice lady/Sunset Bar this afternoon on BangTao and hope to meet again on Siargao soon-ish.
Basil & Rona

Basil Ashmore aka BrokerBasil

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